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Why Telemarketing Still Matters

The continued existence of telemarketing is not just about the survivability of its industry. It demonstrates how marketing itself continues to thrive in a world where consumers are now constantly challenging its relevance.

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Using Appointment Setting Services For Collaboration

In the world of business, collaboration between companies (whether it is done through outsourcing, partnership, or even joint-ventures) happens all the time. However, processes like appointment setting are an effective way to get your company to take part. Some projects are just such of a grand scale, it takes the combined efforts of several companies and smaller businesses to make it a reality. However, when achieved, such grand undertakings stand a good chance of forever being marked in history.

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Appointment Setting Tips – How Long Must You Stretch The Truth?

Ideally, it is just not good to lie. And when it comes to marketing and appointment setting, lying can even land you in jail! However, there is also the conventional wisdom of saying that exaggeration is not always the same as outright lying. You want your business to be as attractive as possible from the perspective of your prospects. It then begs the question: Just how far can you stretch the truth?

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Should Telemarketing Be Traced Back To You?

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Generally, the answer is yes. There are many cases when a telemarketing call is called to be traced. This ranges from your typical reasons of police investigation to less well known purposes like lead generation. In all cases though, they all have the obvious need for knowing where your calls go to and from where you get them.

Your B2B Leads Are Identified This Way

B2B telemarketers are supposed to provide their clients with accurate information on possible sales opportunities. On the other hand, if there is no control on the amount of opportunities going through the funnel, salespeople risk either having too much work or no work at all. Either way, there is not a lot of money being made and businesses might need more than a stable flow if they want to earn more for growth and expansion.

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It does not help if you cannot get as much as a physical location of a prospect. Now before you start reeling back with the fear of invading your customer’s privacy know this: How can your business serve another that it does not know? On a B2C level, do customers stand in front of a cashier expecting their order without actually saying it? Obviously not. You say what you want to buy.

It is the same with B2B leads except you will need more details. If you are making an outbound call and a prospect responds with interest, you still need to know who that prospect is, what do they need, when do they need it, and when can they organize a meeting with your sales representative. If you are receiving an inbound call, you will need the same details. If you have an outsourced telemarketing firm as your middle-man, you need information on their own company as well in order to make sure they deliver as promised.

If It Cannot Be Traced Then Something Is Wrong

Despite the efforts of federal agencies, telemarketing scams still exist and you need to ensure that you are not being misrepresented by such scammers. Unfortunately, even companies like American Express have suffered backlash because they employed such practices (as reported by CNN Money):

Among the violations, government officials said telemarketers misled customers into believing they’d receive $300 when they signed up for the “Blue Sky” credit card program from American Express Centurion Bank. Customers never received the money.”

Do not make the same mistake whether it comes to your in-house call center agents or that of an outsourced telemarketer. Ironically, this is done by monitoring and tracing the calls being made to find proof that none of your legitimate calls match those of conmen.

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Of course, you get to draw the line as well when it comes to how far the tracing needs to go. You have just as much right to your privacy and protection against wild witch hunts after all. That is why you have to maintain a complete overview as well as complete responsibility over where you get your calls, where they are made, and to whom. Always keep a close eye whether it is for B2B appointment setting or a business investigation!


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After Appointment Setting, Always Consider Long-Term

Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting Services, Lead Generation

In spite of all the efforts poured into appointment setting, your appointments are just the beginning. More specifically, those are just the beginnings of your business relationships. That is one thing that can separate B2B from B2C. In B2B, long-term business relationships are more evident.

That’s Why Your Appointment Setting Should Think About Them

It does not matter if they are outsourced or if you have them in-house. What matters is that they understand the long-term benefits (as well as consequences) of what they do. In fact, given that they poured so much to attract prospects, qualify your sales leads, and report to your salespeople, these long-term results could already be staring them in the face.

That is a major part of what qualifies a reputable appointment setting service. They should not just engage with prospects prior to your salespeople and not understand the implications of what they are saying on their behalf (as well as yours).

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So with that established, here are just some of the following things that your lead generators and appointment setters can do which could affect your business relationship in the long run:

  • Time expectations – This are not just the expectations your prospects have for arriving on the actual time and date of the appointment. When your appointment setting services are scheduling that date, they are foreshadowing the possible time you will be spending on actually serving that client. For example, if you are a commercial cleaning service and the appointment they set resulted in a closed deal. That sounds like good news but guess what, your new client are now also expecting your people to report to their workplace real soon. This calls you to preparation in terms of quickly selecting a group and sending them to that location. Are you prepared?
  • Locking in due to promos – Suppose you had your marketers use a promo that promised lower costs. This attracted many prospects sure but how are you retaining them? Are you purely relying on the slashed price tag or quality service? Are you targeting businesses with lower budgets purely because you can use the promo as your advantage? Good marketing is still no complete substitute for actual substance and quality. That is a common rule-of-thumb for any business, in any industry.

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  • Making claims – This is probably the most obvious. Marketers are supposed to promote your business and hence, they will make a claim on more than one occasion. Sure, you feel confident. You have given them plenty of information, studies, statistics, and anything else to back up such claims. Backing them up however is only half of what claims could entail for your business relationship. These claims will influence your prospects on where they will set the bar for you. You say you managed to accomplish something for a previous client, then naturally, they will expect you to deliver the same. It is not that complicated but it is also not avoidable.

So remember: don’t just outsource cheap lead generation but do it while looking towards the long-term.


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