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How to Properly Do Lead Generation Through Social Channels

lead generation, business to business leads, telemarketingAs the months race past, more and more marketers are seeing the importance that social media plays in lead generation for their companies. Earlier when the use of social channels was relatively new to marketers and still ineffective, we thought that marketing on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter would eventually die out. Well, it didn’t. Picking up from where they left off, marketers are seeing even better results in generating leads through social media marketing.

The thing is that not that many marketers know how to effectively make use of the different social channels available when it comes to lead generation. Some are just getting their company accounts and pages in to order, others may be spamming update after update in the hopes of generating leads. In order for you to be able to maximize the capabilities that going social holds, you need to know the right steps to take.

When you want to tackle social media, you’re going to need some solid lead generation strategies in order to succeed. So to help you out most magnificent reader, here are some tips to help you tackle the challenge of lead generation through social channels! Read the rest of this entry »


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Make use of Targeted Sales Leads to Get Better Results

targeted sales leads, lead generation, sales lead generationIn lead generation, many fail due to the lack proper targeting parameters. Rather than focus on a single market, companies that do lead generation often go about stumbling through industry after industry with the intention of generating leads that they can work with. However, it’s never going to work out the way you imagine it if you do not know how to practice proper targeting in the first place. When it comes to doing lead generation and getting results, what you need to generate are targeted sales leads.

Closing sales with prospects is never easy and it takes a certain finesse in order to get your prospects into the later stages of the buying cycle. But before you can even start finding prospects you can send your business proposals to, you are going to have to generate some sales leads to pursue. When it comes to lead generation though, some just blindly charge through and hope for the best that each lead they get gives them a chance at a proposal. Honestly speaking though, that kind of approach doesn’t work.

When you do lead generation, you should know how to get the sales leads you want. And those leads are called targeted sales leads. These types of leads are tailored to the specific needs of your company to help you out and ease your marketing pains. That being said, you should practice lead generation to generate targeted sales leads. Read the rest of this entry »


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Increase Your Software Sales with Software Leads

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software leads, software lead generation, software telemarketingTechnology is taking the world by storm and we are seeing even more advancements towards it. We have more powerful computer processors which allow us to do multitasking. We have smartphones and other handheld devices which allow us to work on the go. Also, we have lots of software that allows us to make our lives more efficient by helping us automate certain tasks. And with, we see all sorts of start-up companies that specialize in creating software. The question for these types of companies now is how do they sell?

The answer to making more software sales is through the acquisition of software leads. The next question is… what exactly is a lead? Well, a lead can be defined as a person or entity that expresses an interest in a certain product or service that another company offers. As such, it is expected that a transaction between…

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