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Sales Leads – An Unlikely Way To Prevent Headaches

While you are on vacation, your sales leads can play an unlikely role in reducing headaches. This is not because of some unseen medical quality or complex psychological reason. The reasoning is far simpler: Once these sales leads are qualified, they are qualified. No more need for worries.

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Lead Generation – Summoning Your Own Brethren Court

There are times when you use lead generation to invite several business leaders at once to an event in which you hope to market to them all at once. A similar thing happens in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. When the pirates find their very way of life threatened by colonial tyranny, they summon the Brethren Court: an assembly of the world’s seven most notorious Pirate Lords to make their stand. You want a more similar case in lead generation? That is actually akin to calling leaders you would rather not but circumstances require you to work with them.

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