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Lead Generation Tips – Watch It When You Say “No Problem”

Lead generation strategies for business processes like accounting have a tendency to downplay a prospect’s problems. This is not a good idea but it actually can be if you know what it means to say “No problem” or “Piece of cake.” Basically, what you are attempting is a lead generation strategy that positions you as someone who thinks a prospect’s accounting fears are nothing to worry about.

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Should You Really Rely on Social Media for Lead Generation?

Lead Generation, Business to Business Leads, TelemarketingIn the past, marketers scoffed at social media and the use of the Internet in marketing. Well, look at what’s happening now? Marketers are all crazy about getting their company Facebook page up or making sure that they have a large number of followers on Twitter – even wanting to add-up entire Circles on Google+. All of this just comes to show how rapidly the marketing landscape can change. The question remains though – should you leave your lead generation campaign in the hands of social media?

The Internet wasn’t always a place for marketers to scour for new business sales leads. But ever since some marketer realized that there were indeed prospects on the World Wide Web, well, we pretty much are following in the footsteps of whoever that genius of a marketer was. More and more businesses are taking their marketing campaigns online and using social media to generate leads.

But should social media be entirely where your focus lies? Will social channels be effective enough to give you a productive lead generation program? Here are some answers to these kinds of questions.

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Outbound Telemarketing – The Game of Cat & Mouse?

When you’re at home you may just happen upon a mouse. And if you’ve got a cat, well, you’re either going to see something of nature’s own design (the chase may also be quite comedic). We can say that cats are programmed to chase mice… much like how telemarketers are tasked with chasing prospects. In a way, telemarketing is quite similar to the game of cat and mouse.

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Lead Generation – Can Customer Service Do It?

We often have customer services programs in place in order to keep our customers happy – we all feel real glad when we can call or chat with someone that has a possible solution to our problems with certain products and services. One question which you can ask as a marketer though, is if customer service can help with lead generation? Well, it doesn’t seem like it… or can it?

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3 Reasons Why Telemarketing Services Providers Fail

Hiring a telemarketing services provider is like flipping a coin – you either get heads or tails, with heads being success and tails, well, obviously failure. On the off chance that the coin does land on its side though, don’t plan on going to Vegas any time soon because you would have just used an entire month’s worth of luck.

As you may have already know though, hiring a provider doesn’t always go the way you want it to. That is why a lot of other businesses don’t always put their money and trust into the hands of outbound call centers. Well, it’s not really a wonder as no one wants to see their investment go down the drain.

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Lead Generation Tips – AoE Or Single-Target?

Depending on the situation, your lead generation strategy needs to either act like the AoE or single-target abilities in video games. The terms being used here generally describe skills that are used in either one of two distinction situations. These situations though can also apply to lead generation.

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Lead Generation Lessons From Business Failures

Lead Generation Lessons From Business Failures

lead generation, business sales leads, business sales lead generationA business owner that starts a company has one thing in mind – success. The road to success in business, however, is a long and tiring one. Along the way you are bound to encounter failure. No one is exempted from failing in life. With every failure however, comes a very helpful lesson. One can even learn a few things about business sales lead generation from business failures.

Although we are not going to be naming businesses and pointing figures in this post, we are going to take how failure in running a business can serve as a valuable lesson in doing better marketing. Failure is one of teachers to us human beings and we can learn a lot from those moments when we did something wrong.

Effective and productive lead generation campaigns, for example, can be created from previously failed attempts. So in a way we can say that failing is actually a good thing. That, however, is still something you don’t want to bring upon your business.

Here are some failures and what you can learn from them:

Failure to realize competition.

If you think that your company is alone in marketing your products and services then think again. In today’s world it seems like an idea we want to capitalize is based on someone else’s idea. In a way we can say that we are all each others competitors.

Failing to realize that there is such heavy competition out in the world today is a business failure you can truly learn from. Your lead generation campaign must help you remain competitive in the race to generate business sales leads. Failing to do so will cost you a lot of opportunities.

Failure to realize current trends.

Today we have both online and offline marketing avenues. Companies that have decided to stick to old methods of marketing may find that they are missing out on a lot of opportunities to bring in new business. It is important that you understand all the current trends in order to have a much better lead generation campaign.

Failure to realize the value in third parties.

When you have no experience in a particular field, IT for example, then you would not really benefit from pursuing to set up your own IT infrastructure; you’re bound to go wrong somewhere. Instead of investing into hiring new employees and spending more money, you could simply outsource to a third party provider.

Failing to realize the value that third party companies and outsourcing is one error which you should not commit. If you aren’t that knowledge with lead generation, you can choose to outsource and get an expert opinion, or even leave your campaign in the hands of trained professionals.

Business failures are among the best teachers when it comes to running a company. Use failure to your advantage in helping you create an effective sales lead generation campaign.


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