Lead Generation – Can Customer Service Do It?

19 Feb

We often have customer services programs in place in order to keep our customers happy – we all feel real glad when we can call or chat with someone that has a possible solution to our problems with certain products and services. One question which you can ask as a marketer though, is if customer service can help with lead generation? Well, it doesn’t seem like it… or can it?

The phone wasn’t invented for marketers. It was created so that we could communicate with each other. Somebody, however, had a bright enough of an idea to start selling products through the phone, and that’s how telemarketing came to be. From there, it evolved into becoming a multi-purpose tool which businesses can manipulate to their advantage, one of those purposes being customer service.

Well, just because customer service is all about keeping your customers happy doesn’t mean that it can’t help with your B2B lead generation campaign. In fact, it can greatly determine whether your current customers stay your current customers – continuous profit is of course desirable. But what about in getting new ones? Can it do that?

Customer service can be a lead generator.

Many still mainly use the phone for the purpose of attending to the needs of their customers. Of course, keeping your customers happy through excellent customer service is all part of running a business. So how can it help with generating business leads?

  • Through customer experience – Customers who have already bought from you are still customers. In time, however, you risk losing them to your competitors. And why is that? Maybe because their experience with you isn’t as awesome as they hoped it would be. If you handle your customer service program well on the other hand, then you can expect current customers to becoming returning customers – and these guys are still sales leads for you.

If you thought that simply having someone pick up the phone and attend to your customer’s needs is not a crucial part of your business then think again – it has everything to do with your business. As said earlier, the phone has multiple uses, and we’re lucky that we can generate leads through telemarketing, as well as handle the needs of our customers.


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