Should You Really Rely on Social Media for Lead Generation?

21 Feb

Lead Generation, Business to Business Leads, TelemarketingIn the past, marketers scoffed at social media and the use of the Internet in marketing. Well, look at what’s happening now? Marketers are all crazy about getting their company Facebook page up or making sure that they have a large number of followers on Twitter – even wanting to add-up entire Circles on Google+. All of this just comes to show how rapidly the marketing landscape can change. The question remains though – should you leave your lead generation campaign in the hands of social media?

The Internet wasn’t always a place for marketers to scour for new business sales leads. But ever since some marketer realized that there were indeed prospects on the World Wide Web, well, we pretty much are following in the footsteps of whoever that genius of a marketer was. More and more businesses are taking their marketing campaigns online and using social media to generate leads.

But should social media be entirely where your focus lies? Will social channels be effective enough to give you a productive lead generation program? Here are some answers to these kinds of questions.

Marketers must first understand the power and limitations of social media.

Social media is definitely a powerful marketing tool. However, nothing is without weakness and limitations – social media is no exception. Social channels are great in that it allows marketers to connect and present their companies to large audiences all at once, however, all that engagement does come with a price – social media is limited to just engagement.

Social media and the use of the Internet are good for giving a business an online presence. If there are prospects seeking a new product or business service, then a company with a website and some content online will surely have an edge when it comes to generating business to business leads. However, social media is not powerful enough to help with converting prospects into leads.

Supplement your social media campaign with traditional marketing methods.

Companies that rely solely on social media to do lead generation will find that they are making a bad investment. Take a look at what happened to Pepsi when they went and did the Refresh campaign. Not only did they slide down to the third spot from their competitor, Coke, they also spent millions of dollars only to have it all backfire on them. Social media helps increase brand awareness, but that isn’t always enough to get you sales.

Engaging prospects through social channels and getting them interested is not enough – you need to pull them towards you, a little nudge if you will. Thus is why it is always a good idea to run something like a telemarketing campaign alongside your social media crusade. Social media brings that much needed engagement; telemarketing is what helps you get closer to your prospects and gets you a step to closing a sale with them.

Traditional methods such as cold calling, telemarketing and appointment setting may not be as cool as social media; however, they still get the job done and are perfect in helping you get the most out of your social media efforts. So should you leave your lead generation campaign all in the hands of social media? We think not – and that’s for you to decide.


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