When To Let Your Sales Leads Grow Themselves

02 Mar

You would usually generate sales leads by finding problems and then doing everything to offer a solution. For energy companies, this could range from tips on how to save up to evaluating prospects on their own habits. However, sometimes it is best to slow down and let your sales leads qualify themselves after that. You do not want to correct them and then just add more to the problem with pushy marketing tactics.

Some Sales Leads Become Better Customers If Left Alone

Sales Leads, Energy Sales Leads, Lead GeneratorOf course, one more problem is identifying these sales leads. There are two traits and these traits that explain why certain energy procurement leads are better of traveling their own course along your lead generation process: one is the risk of making the problem worse and the other is sharing the blame once you do.

  • Making the problem worse – If your prospect is in the process of implementing policies to save up on their electric bills, filling their head with so much information will just compromise it. Generating sales leads that way puts you at risk of simply giving everything away too. Prospects like these need time to think up on your advice. If you want them to come around as new sales leads, do not push it.

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  • Sharing the blame – Because you made the problem worse, it makes it harder to correct your prospect and therefore harder to qualify energy sales leads. Why? It is not because it makes you look hypocritical (though that is likely). It is the fact that a prospect left alone will remain alone should they end up facing the consequences of bad power usage. Get in the way however and they will not be.

Now one primary objection to leaving sales leads completely alone is the risk of them qualifying themselves. And yes, you are right to worry that the information is not enough for them to take full interest into becoming your customer. So to fix that, you simply remember one other important rule in qualifying sales leads: Follow-ups.

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Have a strategy for following up on prospects and you can even ask them for tips on how much time you can give them. After all, they may not be sales leads yet but you have already done them a service by giving them helpful ideas. There is no need to rush your energy lead generator all the time!


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