Telemarketing Tips – Know When Alternatives Are Unwanted

16 Mar

Some of the cheesiest telemarketing pitches are based on the false assumption that everyone wants an alternative. The truth is not all alternatives are hot and it does not even matter whether you promote them via telemarketing or web marketing campaigns. In energy procurement for instance, sometimes it will take more than a ‘higher’ cause in your telemarketing pitch to get people to adapt your brand of energy production.

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Cliched Telemarketing Gets Worse With Cliche Alternatives

The environmentalist movement that pervades the energy industry is not perfect. It has good intentions but if you were to use telemarketing (or any marketing tactic for that matter) to promote cleaner alternatives, you need to face the reality that you might accidentally rub a few people the wrong way.

The debate over nature-friendly energy is unavoidable, even on the subject of merely generating energy procurement leads. It is also not quite as black-and-white as you might think. That is why your telemarketing strategy should not be so eager to jump right in no matter how much of a game-changer you think you will be. Why?

  • You might get prone to bashing others – One of the greatest offenses committed by green-alternative advocates is the incessant bashing and slurring of those who still generate energy the ‘old way.’ A telemarketing pitch that reserves no amount of respect whatsoever for the competition is just not something nice to hear.

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  • You overestimate your alternative – Another grave error is presuming your prospect will be in la-la land once they switch to your brand of power. News flash: not all of them will be impressed. The worst case scenario is a telemarketing conversation turning into a heated debate. Instead of improving your rebuttals, maybe it would be better to actually address the flaws being found in what you are offering?
  • You deliberately close yourself to criticism – Continuing from above, feeling overconfident with yourself can make you averse to criticism. If you really want to come off as innovative and dedicated to finding better, cleaner energy solutions, then use your telemarketing for more than just promotion. Use it to receive feedback for criticism and hear what your prospects and customers have to say.

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Telemarketing itself has been used to give off that whole cool, counter-cultural, alternative vibe but that is not always appreciated now is it? Hence, you need to be careful about overestimating the entire look and feel of being a hip, alternative choice for attracting energy sales leads. (Note: The more harmful you think your competitor is, the more your need to watch your mouth.)


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