Lead Generation As Part Of Daily Work Life

18 Mar

You would be surprised at how many lead generation methods are deemed as disruptive or distracting. These are often employed by critics of the whole marketing practice, specifically those who think the very industry profits from constantly disturbing people’s quiet lives. But on the contrary, many of these lead generation tactics are so commonplace, they stand more to lose from being ignored than to get called for ‘disrupting.’

Signs Of Lead Generation In The Life Of An Average Business Prospect

Lead Generation, Accounting Lead Generation, Appointment SettingSuppose you are an accounting firm and you are using a standard mix of email, telemarketing, and social media for your lead generation strategy. But before you start your lead generation campaign, are you aware of how much of the average prospect’s daily activities you actually visualize? You do not even bother with the finer details first and still there is enough information around to justify common assumptions like:

  • When they arrive at work – Many email marketers boast statistics about reading habits. The same goes for social media ones. It only logically follows that putting them together actually justifies the image of workers and bosses alike punching around 8 or 9 in the morning which justifies the classic lead generation tactic of sending them messages around that time.
  • What they do first – Similar statistics confirm a lot about what most people presume people do first in the office. These may not immediately qualifying your accounting leads but again, good marketers operate and synchronize their efforts well with these habits. A casually browsing prospect is not exactly an automatic success for lead generation but neither does it mean you are pushing anyone’s buttons.

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  • What they do most of the day – Do not think prospects close themselves off to lead generation tactics when they finally get to work. It actually depends heavily on what that work is. In the case of accounting for example, your lead generation strategy can avoid going for the main decision maker directly but there is still a chance you will do well with another member of the same organization.
  • When the clock strikes lunch – You also have the typical image of people taking lunch breaks and doing things that actually leave them quite open to subtle accounting lead generation tools like posted content and helpful materials that will attract their interest on your main subject. You may not need to promote your brand but you can still attract their attention.

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  • When it is time to go home – If critics are still looking for a place to know where lead generation can be disruptive, this point of the day would be what they are looking for. Unfortunately for them, you do not see much activity on the part of lead generation services during this time of day either. They may make mistakes but they are idiotic enough to not realize nobody is at the office anymore.

So as you can see, the elements of lead generation efforts are far more pervasive to the point that they are regarded as a norm. Sometimes it gets boring to the point that it has become a more common problem than sending a marketing email or making an appointment setting call at the wrong time. On the bright side, the fact that they are used to it all gives them a constant drive to improve without disturbing anyone.


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