Sales Leads – Promoting A Different Bottom Line

22 Mar


Sales Leads, Advertising Sales Leads, Lead GenerationSales leads themselves are a fine example of why the bottom line is never the same for everyone, even if they are all part of one business organization. One group thinks a number of sales leads is God sent whereas another would look more closely at sales. Then again, these same sales leads serve purposes that can still rival that of solid cash for the company.

When Getting Sales Leads Means A Different Bottom Line

This back-and-forth between such groups has been going in on business for a long time. Look at advertising as another example. Today, many are saying that businesses in the industry can no longer acquire enough advertising leads because they do not see their creativity reigning in the dough.

On the other hand, all this focus on raw profit has its own backlash (with examples ranging from corporate greed to poor customer interaction). Should you use it to restore your lost number of sales leads or will the bottom-line ultimately win-out in this debate?

  • The ends do not justify the means – The truth though is there might be a point in adjusting the definition of the bottom line to go beyond just sales (or even sales leads). When your eyes only aim on just how much cash you are making, you pay less attention to whether the means you get them are even legitimate!

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  • Growth and survival are more important – Still, you cannot ignore the importance of money when it comes to keeping a business going. Your advertising sales leads should still be generated with the goal of keeping operations running. Growth in fact shares itself with that goal by finding more sufficient ways to maintain the life of your business.

Put the two together and you can definitely see that a better definition of a bottom-line is not just pure profit or pure marketing but somewhere in between. Sales and sales leads keep a business going, but the way you process and qualify the latter will have more of a long term impact that will help you keep making that money.

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Like politics, the subject of whether sales or sales leads form the bottom line can be quite partisan. Do not let such differences divide you or your advertising lead generation campaign. Put them all together instead!



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