Telemarketing Tips – Focus On Where Prospect’s Really Are

06 Apr

People say that telemarketing, in conjunction with other technologies, can be used to unmask the online fronts of many businesses. This is actually neither good nor bad. There are times when the online frontier really gives an unreliable impression that requires a telemarketing call to confirm. It could also be used to spill secrets that would violate a prospect’s confidence in any business.

Telemarketing Should Not Discriminate Against Offline Or Online Presence

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Amazon on the internet.

When it comes to what it is supposed to do, telemarketing should not hold it against prospects whether their presence is more felt on the internet or in real life. The contrast between the two may be important for those concerned with technological addictions or those with good reason to suspect something. But when you are using B2B telemarketing, your only concern has and always will your prospect’s own business.

As an example, suppose you are an IT company looking to use telemarketing to help qualify IT leads. IT-related products and services have varying applications both for online and offline businesses. During a call, you wished to know how the prospect worked in order to know what they needed. What are the things you focused on?

  • Amazon in real life.

    Goals – What are they trying to accomplish? Better management? Better integration? Fewer bugs and easier customer payments? None of these really pertain to whether or not your prospect is physically present so why should your telemarketing call persist in knowing where they are located?

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  • Reputation – How well-known is your prospect? Do they have a strong backing of other online followers? That is actually significant and shows that your telemarketing conversation needs to strictly limit itself to talking about what they do online. It does not matter if the real face of their company is that of a bunch of guys hanging in the park with their laptops.
  • Products/Services – Tying with their reputation are the things they provide. How can they have a strong online backing when their product is still a physical one? More importantly, how does this push the B2B telemarketing engagement towards qualified sales leads? And in your case, how will your business respond when it comes to its own delivery?

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  • Salespeople – After all is said and they are interested in talking to a sales representative, does it really matter if all it takes is to shift the telemarketing call into a sales one? You have already determined their real presence and find them credible. There is nothing else you really need to know.

Focusing on where the prospect really is does not have anything to do whether they are an online personality or a ‘real’ establishment. If they are based on the internet itself then that is where you should focus your sales lead generation process. If they are focused on actual location, limit the telemarketing conversation to who they are to other people in the area.


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