Lead Generation Tips – Only Outsource When Everyone’s Ready!

12 Apr

You may be in a position to outsource IT sales lead generation but that does not mean you do it 100% without the approval of others. You can even be the guy who needs no paper work done and still your decision to outsource should be (and will be) exposed to those who would like to have something to say. You do not want a lead generation process to bring in potential customers who your people are not used to working for!

Imagine Lead Generation Is A Road Trip

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Like a road trip, your lead generation campaign has the following: means of getting somewhere, place of destination, and planned activities. Just because you get to be in the driver’s seat does not mean you will not hear the end of it from the people you will need to bring along for the ride. Why?

  • Because they may not like what you are driving – Say the company you outsourced uses telemarketing to qualify your IT sales leads. What if your people would like to talk to prospects as well? Make no mistake, telemarketing is still good for B2B lead generation. Just make sure to at least tell your people what your outsourced telemarketers have said prior to them.

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  • They may not like where they are headed – One of the worst ways to outsource in secret is by not telling your people who you are now targeting, especially if it is an unfamiliar industry. Or worse, it could be an industry that they do not think highly of. This is where input from your outsourced lead generation services could be insightful because they will notice a possible culture clash before you.
  • They may not understand what they will be doing – Another reason to anticipate culture clash is because it would make understanding difficult to establish between your company and the new industry you are targeting. This is something you accomplish early in the lead generation process, not fret about once a lead has become qualified.

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This is why preparation and discussion are important, whether its road trips or lead generation campaigns. Transparency should not just be between one business outsourcing another but it must also happen within themselves. Let your people know what tools you are outsourcing, what new kind of B2B sales leads you are acquiring, and at least give a hint on what they’ll be doing right after!



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