Appointment Setting Tips – Avoid Biases Based On Wealth

17 Apr

It is one thing to measure appointment setting prospects based on their budget and another thing to be unfairly biased just because you can tell they make a lot of money. This not only sets up your appointment setting process for immediate crash landing, it also skewers the kind of insightful evaluation that is staple to any appointment setting process.

Why Wealth Indicators Are Not For Appointment Setting

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Even Scrooge McDuck does more with his cash than swim in it.

Whether its from the way you gauged their website or from what you have heard from customer references, indicators of wealth are not necessarily the be-all-end-all of your appointment setting campaign. In fact, they could be quite the opposite and end up not only ruining an accurate impression of prospects but their impression of your financial company! Why?

  • Not all rich people solve things with money – One bias comes from that old movie cliché where the rich folks count on their money to solve their problems. Not only is that cliché, it is one of those unrealistic ones as well. While money is no indicator of understanding about things like credit card processing or financial planning, neither does it mean they are too ignorant to qualify for appointment setting.
  • It is likely they want to save money, not spend it – Speaking of which, if your appointment setting campaign is looking for credit card processing leads, you are best are those who are looking to save money, not those in the culture of extravagantly spending it. Business-to-business transactions are not just passing fancies, they are made to for the sake of the business.

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  • It only makes you look too eager – Do not also forget that appointment setting is all about conversation. If at any point of that conversation, you show more interest in your prospect’s wealth than what they prospect is saying, you might be showing colors that are far from professional. Many business folks today have fears about being too eager to sell something.

To summarize, you should know that wealth is not entirely synonymous with budget. Just because a prospect looks well off does not mean they want any financial appointment setting done with your business. On the other hand, that same prospect is not some dumb blonde that lets their wealth substitute for skill or intelligence. You are more likely to have them demand a concrete explanation for things than most of your prospects.

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This goes back to always sticking to an objective approach when analyzing prospects for appointment setting. You should not wait for your salespeople to be more critical with your financial sales leads. Be biased only against budget, not wealth!


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