Appointment Setting With Those Who Want You Back

26 Apr

It is a given that your appointment setting campaigns are affected by the kind of history your accounting business already has. The older you are, the more things you can be known for. However, if you consider yourself comparable to those who wanted to change to a humbler direction, appointment setting gets even more difficult when it encounters those who want you to turn back.

Appointment Setting – The Line Which Old Friends And Foes Can Trace Back To You

Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Lead GenerationSuppose you decide to use your appointment setting campaign to preoccupy your business with jobs that no longer have to do with what you previously did. Set aside first whether your history is of one fame or notoriety. Focus simply on the fact that you decided to get away from it all one day. So far, you managed to get accounting leads that helped you achieve just that.

One day though, you get a call and your lead generators realize it is from a really old client. This is where the past starts making a comeback. How did they find you? Simple, your appointment setting campaign still ended up catching their attention even though you adopted a new angle, a new vision, and maybe even a new business image entirely.

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So what do you do? You wanted to make a break from your business past and start anew. Should you be quick to reject your old prospects and bar them from future appointment setting campaigns? Actually, maybe you should give them a chance. You should at least know specifically what they want. They can still be considered just another opportunity for your appointment setting campaign.

  • Is it important for you to come back? – These prospects could be coming to you because they know you are the only accounting firm that could help them resolve certain inconsistencies in their reports. Sure you can say that you do not want to deal with any more crime or controversy but if they have no one else to turn to, perhaps your B2B appointment setting campaign can schedule an exception.
  • Are they looking for you to settle old debts? – Perhaps the real problem could be that your new appointment setting routine was just to avoid settling old debts. You should have done the opposite. Make sure that you have completely cleaned up your act because your appointment setting campaign will only magnify whatever dirt you accidentally leave behind.

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  • Maybe they want to travel with you – Perhaps these old prospects have taken a liking in your new direction and that is exactly why they signed up for appointment setting. Why deny yourself the chance to really show them why the change meant so much for your business?

Secret pasts are not just limited to individuals or fictional anti-heroes. By itself, a new appointment setting campaign is already enough to express a desire to break from the past. But when your accounting lead generation process brings that past back, you should not be too quick to break off again until you hear what it has to say.


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