How Telemarketing Can Prevent Delayed Responses

04 May

Do not underestimate the speed which telemarketing can respond, especially during a crisis that has forced responses to delay in your entire lead generation campaign. It is not only form of business communication that talks fast. It’s also fast enough to know it has been cut off. It is like comparing errors in software compared to errors in something simpler like an abacus. You do not need an expert to know if the latter’s broken.

Simple Tools Like Telemarketing Can Have Simpler Fixes When Cut

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Sales LeadsIt is only logical to assume that something is faster to repair when repairing itself becomes a simple task. This applies to outbound telemarketing in comparison to other forms of communication to generate qualified leads. Even if you are, say, a business software vendor, any bugs in a telemarketing conversation can be far easier to spot than undetected viruses or malware. To an extent, this means your software leads will also be faster to qualify because it does not take too long to solve communication problems.

If this still sounds too hard to believe though, here are some ways that telemarketing can be the quick fix for your other lead generation tools:

  • Follow-up call after emails – Email service providers are just as prone to communication bugs as telecommunication ones (in fact, they are also quite dependent on the latter when you think about it). Using a telemarketing call to follow-up an email can identify an error for both yourself and your prospect even when your intended message does not arrive. They might be confused by your telemarketing call and may even reject you but once the message arrives, they would at least realize that you were telling the truth.

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  • Website failure – If you are looking for inbound leads, say medical software leads or manufacturing management leads, websites are often the tools of choice for today’s lead generation campaigns. On the other hand, websites fail pretty often today (whether it is the problem with the domain, hacker attack, or simply inability to access from the prospect’s end). Telemarketing however can be inbound as well. What is better is that it doubles as both as an alternative lead generation tool as well as a means for online clients to tell you something is wrong. Either way, you need telemarketing resources to really receive the calls until your site is back up.
  • Forgetful prospects – Of course, no matter what your communication tool may be, responses could also be delayed simply because your prospect forgot. B2B telemarketing may be just one among the many tools you can use to serve as reminders but it is hard to deny its speed. Emails and social media notifications can be ignored but not a ringing phone. Of course, you still have to make sure that your telesales calls are timed right as always. That just makes the reminders better by complementing their speed with targeting.

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Despite the advances in many other lead generation tools, errors affecting them are also just as advanced and cause great delays. Telemarketing may not be advanced but the same goes for any bugs in its communication. Consider having it as back-up so that even it goes down, it can get itself up faster while as you try to do the same with your other channels.


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