IT Appointment Setting Made Simpler

04 Jun

Appointment setting can sound pretty pointless for IT companies that more or less do most of their work over the internet. On the other hand, the kind of meeting that only an appointment setting process can give still remains important in today’s tech-savvy business world. You just need to know how to put that importance in a simpler package to match the speed at which IT companies can deliver and work.

Reviewing The Importance Of Appointment Setting: Living People

Appointment Setting, IT Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsGetting real people to meet each other and do business has and always will be what appointment setting is about. In fact, plenty of IT and other online-based companies suffer a stigma when it comes to abusing the anonymity that comes with social media and faceless electronic messaging. Today’s appointment setting should center around taking the simplest indicators of a living, breathing business prospect and then just deliver them at the speed of today’s internet.

  • IT leads should include real names – Sometimes the information you find on social media sites are in fact aliases. B2B appointment setting tools (both new and old) are used to get a real name (or at least as real as they can get) in order to start giving prospects an identification. A legitimate name is something that is frequently tossed around in your prospect company and makes familiarizing easier prior to the appointment.

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  • Finding the right time – Another issue you can sometimes have is time. Many IT companies all agree that time is precious and wasting it is a sign of inefficiency. Still, that does not mean appointment setting strategies are not keen on saving time either. In fact, a live meeting with a prospect can make for faster conversations (even when have it simply over the phone). You do not need to waste days sending and following up proposals, emails etc.
  • Can root out false identities – In relation to finding real names, false identities have always been an obstacle for IT companies that only want good, clean data circulating to their clients. Coincidentally, that has always been another goal of IT appointment setting strategies. Bad data exists even outside the computer when prospects give wrong numbers or someone else’s name as a means to trip up the campaign.

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Finally, do not forget that appointment setting is a process. What does technology do these days but speed up any kind of process? But more than that, your IT sales leads still need to go through that process to assure you that you are getting real clients, with real needs and timeframes. You just need to pack that process in a simpler package!


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