Appointment Setting Tips – Align Inside And Outside

12 Jun

Appointment setting is not free from the risks that advertising undertakes when it markets something a little bit too high above its actual grade. Dishonest advertising applies in B2B as much as it does in B2C. Just because your appointment setting campaign uses different mediums and tools does not mean your business is the same outside and inside.

Your Appointment Setting Campaigns Should Be A Mirror, Not A Mask

Speaking of which, suppose you were looking for auto insurance leads and decided to outsource an appointment setting company to present you with the best of everything they have. Better yet, the give it to you. However, what about the best of everything your own business has? If you actually do not believe you have any, no amount of promotion is going to work. You are only asking them to make a mask for you, not a mirror.

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  • Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Insurance Lead GenerationMasks hide, mirrors reveal – Your appointment setting strategy should be focused on showing the best side of your firm, not use lies and exaggerated claims to hide the less favorable aspects. There is no need to hide when your appointment setting process has prospects looking to the reflected truth about your firm. They will not be looking at what they do not want.
  • Masks are worn, mirrors only reflect – Do not want to be called a sham business? Do not ‘wear’ your appointment setting campaign. When you wear it, it means you are ready to cast it off once the prospect becomes a customer. A mirror on the other hand, is something that only stands for you and what you see gives you something to reflect on what needs to be changed (perhaps for more successful appointment setting campaigns).

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  • Masks can distort, mirrors can barely do so – Sure some mirrors can have strange effects if you know the tricks to them. However, that is the same as simply being clever and strategic in positioning your appointment setting campaign. It is not the same as creating something completely different from what is inside that it is as if the marketing mask and the actual company are two different entities.

On a final note, you would be surprised at how many appointment setting companies make good mirrors instead of masks. (Hence, this is not about outsourcing.) Sources of either one are abundant in the B2B marketing world. It is in knowing the difference between the two that will be vital to insurance lead generation.


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