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Long Lead Generation Over Such A Small Thing?

There are times when even you think your lead generation process takes too long to qualify leads all for the sake of sales for your auto insurance business. Does it really take so much effort just so that prospects can get a little bit of auto insurance? Is there anything you can do to readjust your lead generation strategy to reduce all the bureaucratic hassle?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Avoid Biases Based On Wealth

It is one thing to measure appointment setting prospects based on their budget and another thing to be unfairly biased just because you can tell they make a lot of money. This not only sets up your appointment setting process for immediate crash landing, it also skewers the kind of insightful evaluation that is staple to any appointment setting process.

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Telemarketing Tips – Know When Alternatives Are Unwanted

Some of the cheesiest telemarketing pitches are based on the false assumption that everyone wants an alternative. The truth is not all alternatives are hot and it does not even matter whether you promote them via telemarketing or web marketing campaigns. In energy procurement for instance, sometimes it will take more than a ‘higher’ cause in your telemarketing pitch to get people to adapt your brand of energy production.

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Lead Generation – Can Customer Service Do It?

We often have customer services programs in place in order to keep our customers happy – we all feel real glad when we can call or chat with someone that has a possible solution to our problems with certain products and services. One question which you can ask as a marketer though, is if customer service can help with lead generation? Well, it doesn’t seem like it… or can it?

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3 Reasons Why Telemarketing Services Providers Fail

Hiring a telemarketing services provider is like flipping a coin – you either get heads or tails, with heads being success and tails, well, obviously failure. On the off chance that the coin does land on its side though, don’t plan on going to Vegas any time soon because you would have just used an entire month’s worth of luck.

As you may have already know though, hiring a provider doesn’t always go the way you want it to. That is why a lot of other businesses don’t always put their money and trust into the hands of outbound call centers. Well, it’s not really a wonder as no one wants to see their investment go down the drain.

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Lead Generation Tips – Understand Anger’s Presence

Whatever method you employ for lead generation, there is always the risk of angering someone. It is just a natural part of marketing. Whether it is having your ear shouted off over the phone or getting cussed out in an email response, these things can happen in any lead generation campaign.

However, you might develop a tendency to assume that having anger either on your end or that of your prospect’s means you have done something wrong. On the contrary that is not always the case. There are just too many reasons for why blow-ups occur during lead generation, be it telemarketing, email or any other medium. What you really need to do is understand where the anger is coming from and if it even is indicative of anything significant to your lead generation strategy.

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Lead Generation – Your Results Tie With Your Customers

The results of a B2B sales lead generation campaign is not limited to just amount of business leads you acquired. It is not even just the amount of sales that came out of those leads. As an advertising firm, you know very well that your success ties with the success of your own business customers. A successful lead generation company can get you all the opportunities you and your salespeople can enjoy the benefits of closing them.

But if the same lead generation firm cannot help you fully understand your prospect’s needs, you need to ask for more.

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