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How Telemarketing Can Prevent Delayed Responses

Do not underestimate the speed which telemarketing can respond, especially during a crisis that has forced responses to delay in your entire lead generation campaign. It is not only form of business communication that talks fast. It’s also fast enough to know it has been cut off. It is like comparing errors in software compared to errors in something simpler like an abacus. You do not need an expert to know if the latter’s broken.

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Telemarketing Tips – Focus On Where Prospect’s Really Are

People say that telemarketing, in conjunction with other technologies, can be used to unmask the online fronts of many businesses. This is actually neither good nor bad. There are times when the online frontier really gives an unreliable impression that requires a telemarketing call to confirm. It could also be used to spill secrets that would violate a prospect’s confidence in any business.

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Telemarketing Tips – Know When Alternatives Are Unwanted

Some of the cheesiest telemarketing pitches are based on the false assumption that everyone wants an alternative. The truth is not all alternatives are hot and it does not even matter whether you promote them via telemarketing or web marketing campaigns. In energy procurement for instance, sometimes it will take more than a ‘higher’ cause in your telemarketing pitch to get people to adapt your brand of energy production.

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Why Telemarketing Still Matters

The continued existence of telemarketing is not just about the survivability of its industry. It demonstrates how marketing itself continues to thrive in a world where consumers are now constantly challenging its relevance.

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Sales Leads Can Be Generated Even From ‘Independent’ Businesses

Sales Leads, Business Leads, B2B TelemarketingTargeting small businesses for B2B marketing can be tough because there are just some things about them that make them tricky for other businesses. (Some might even argue that the bigger your business is, the harder it gets.) Of course, that’s never an excuse to disqualify them immediately as B2B sales leads.

Now perhaps another reason for why small businesses don’t seem marketer-friendly is their image of independence. They’re their own company, run by their own people, and that sometimes gives the impression that they’re not interested in buying. They do things their own and get by on their own.

It sounds ideal at first but the reality is, even small businesses need resources to keep themselves going. What you need to do is not necessarily scoff at their idea of independence but simply focus on the resources that they need. For example, if you’re a tax consulting agency, it will eventually occur to them that they’ll need more expertise but not at higher costs. If you’re an energy company, then it’s obvious that they’ll need electricity and it would be a quite stretch for a small business to produce its own just for the sake of ‘independence’. All in all, these resources will still indicate a demand and that demand can eventually qualify them as sales leads.

Now of course, there’s still the reality that they could just simply hang up or ignore anybody who tries to market them directly. That might be because you really haven’t been targeting well enough. If that sounds like how most of your campaigns have been going lately, then try the following measures:

  • Clean up data – It could be that it’s been a while since you updated your business database. Business leads that are the result of such poor data will naturally end up bad (and that’s assuming you can get leads at all). Run quick campaign that verify the information on your database first before marketing. You might end up rooting out businesses who really have no reason to be interested anymore.
  • Be more adaptable – For some reason, you might have been out of the loop for a while and are a little unaware of how your market is now behaving. There could be new findings regarding marketing misconceptions. A different type of strategy for both marketing as well as sales might be growing in prominence. Take note, these changes might not even have to do with the tools you use but the way you’ve been using them. In any case, your marketing approach must start quickly adapting.
  • Keep in touch with your industry – As with general market behavior, behaviors could also change in relation to changes in your target industry. A rise in costs in one sector could therefore lead to more price resistance. A new trend could also signify a new demand as a B2B market.

The idea of business independence isn’t necessarily some psychological shield that turns away any attempts for lead generation and appointment setting. The trick is to use changes in industry and in general market behavior to identify demand. These changes can happen any time and at any pace so your marketing shouldn’t be too static. Even independent businesses will admit to needs in the face of quick insight and awareness.


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Generate Pre-Qualified Leads Before Your Prospects Qualify Themselves

Business LeadsIt’s becoming common knowledge that the internet has granted customers more power to search for information and that information in turn affects their buying decision. This applies to not just B2C but also B2B as organizations are maximizing the use of online information to inform their decision makers as well. This puts them in the position to actually ‘qualify’ themselves before you can turn them into pre-qualified leads.

But first off, exactly what is being meant by ‘qualify’. Well if your qualification process is all about evaluating a prospect’s interest, identifying needs, and bringing them closer to a buying decision, then that’s exactly what the internet has allowed customers to do. The only difference is that they’re doing it to themselves and thus, eliminating the need to for companies to turn them into pre-qualified leads.

This comes with its set of pros and cons.


  • The more well informed a prospect, the less likely they are to just make a buying decision after being fed a smorgasboard of marketing material. The information presents them with more options and therefore, more information to influence that decision. 
  • Sales conversations can be more balanced. A well-informed customer is one that you shouldn’t underestimate. On the other hand, it discourages marketers from having typical misconceptions about potential clients. 
  • It can shorten the B2B sales process because you no longer have to spend too much time on needing to educate the prospect on your products or services.


  • Information isn’t always a good thing, especially when it’s too much. If left unchecked, there’s a risk that a prospect spends too much time gathering more data and looking for more options without ever making a decision. You also have the occasional unreliability of online information to consider. 
  • A balanced sales conversation can turn the tables too unfavorably if businesses aren’t as informed as their market. The empowerment of customers constantly raises the standards of what businesses must do in sales conversations
  • If unprepared, your business could just be reduced to the salesman who just follows the shopper around talking to them even though you both already know what is going to be bought. That’s what happens when you just let the prospect do all the work for you.

Ultimately, the challenge lies in balancing how much information both parties must have. And on the part of B2B marketers, it looks like you’ll need to have a little more information at all times. It’s either you increase your industry expertise or you seek out companies who are still in the midst of struggling with all the information. Both cases are valid as being an industry leader is always worthy goal while it’s also good to help companies who feel overwhelmed by the information that they need an expert. It’s only a matter of deciding whether you should be fast in improving your business to be an industry leader or faster in finding prospects who still in the midst of qualifying themselves.

Regardless, you need to make a quick decision either way. It’s not just about catching up with competitors anymore. The availability of information has also allowed even your prospects to leave you behind. Qualify them before they qualify themselves if you want to stay in the race.


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The Many Services Offered By Outbound Call Centres

telemarketing servicesIf one would take a look of the many successful business corporations of today, they might notice that there is a certain similarity between most of them. This similar aspect of these large corporations is that they have used a multitude of methods to market their products and services. With these methods, they are able to catch the attention of their markets into formulating a transaction with the corporation; or even better, to form a partnership with the business. Read the rest of this entry »

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