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Stand Where Interested Prospects Can See You

Appointment setting campaigns (especially inbound ones) tend to start by just standing around for a bit before engaging prospects. But suppose that your appointment setting campaign were actual people on the street with signs promoting your business. Which part of the street do they stand? Obviously wherever they can be seen! Unfortunately, this concept is lost in most appointment setting strategies when it comes to where customers really look.

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Using Lead Generation Tips – Control, Not Kill, Enthusiasm

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Many IT lead generation campaigns rely on support from additional marketing channels. Things like your IT company websites, a bit of social media presence, and a few blogs could actually make quite a difference in your marketing image. More importantly however, they can keep your main lead generation process free from overenthusiastic prospects who tend to have exaggerated expectations from today’s technology.

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Lead Generation Tips – AoE Or Single-Target?

Depending on the situation, your lead generation strategy needs to either act like the AoE or single-target abilities in video games. The terms being used here generally describe skills that are used in either one of two distinction situations. These situations though can also apply to lead generation.

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