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3 Reasons Why Telemarketing Services Providers Fail

Hiring a telemarketing services provider is like flipping a coin – you either get heads or tails, with heads being success and tails, well, obviously failure. On the off chance that the coin does land on its side though, don’t plan on going to Vegas any time soon because you would have just used an entire month’s worth of luck.

As you may have already know though, hiring a provider doesn’t always go the way you want it to. That is why a lot of other businesses don’t always put their money and trust into the hands of outbound call centers. Well, it’s not really a wonder as no one wants to see their investment go down the drain.

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Accounting Telemarketing Tips – Avoid Looking Like Trouble

Do not think the title is just stating the obvious. As gatekeepers continue to be a major accounting telemarketing obstacle, there are many ways your callers could look like trouble. Fortunately, if you know how that can be so, getting past them will be easy. What makes this problematic is that some telemarketing professionals can be prone to demonizing them.

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Lead Generation Tips – Understand Anger’s Presence

Whatever method you employ for lead generation, there is always the risk of angering someone. It is just a natural part of marketing. Whether it is having your ear shouted off over the phone or getting cussed out in an email response, these things can happen in any lead generation campaign.

However, you might develop a tendency to assume that having anger either on your end or that of your prospect’s means you have done something wrong. On the contrary that is not always the case. There are just too many reasons for why blow-ups occur during lead generation, be it telemarketing, email or any other medium. What you really need to do is understand where the anger is coming from and if it even is indicative of anything significant to your lead generation strategy.

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Lead Generation – Your Results Tie With Your Customers

The results of a B2B sales lead generation campaign is not limited to just amount of business leads you acquired. It is not even just the amount of sales that came out of those leads. As an advertising firm, you know very well that your success ties with the success of your own business customers. A successful lead generation company can get you all the opportunities you and your salespeople can enjoy the benefits of closing them.

But if the same lead generation firm cannot help you fully understand your prospect’s needs, you need to ask for more.

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How to Properly Do Lead Generation Through Social Channels

lead generation, business to business leads, telemarketingAs the months race past, more and more marketers are seeing the importance that social media plays in lead generation for their companies. Earlier when the use of social channels was relatively new to marketers and still ineffective, we thought that marketing on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter would eventually die out. Well, it didn’t. Picking up from where they left off, marketers are seeing even better results in generating leads through social media marketing.

The thing is that not that many marketers know how to effectively make use of the different social channels available when it comes to lead generation. Some are just getting their company accounts and pages in to order, others may be spamming update after update in the hopes of generating leads. In order for you to be able to maximize the capabilities that going social holds, you need to know the right steps to take.

When you want to tackle social media, you’re going to need some solid lead generation strategies in order to succeed. So to help you out most magnificent reader, here are some tips to help you tackle the challenge of lead generation through social channels! Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Telemarketing Still Matters

The continued existence of telemarketing is not just about the survivability of its industry. It demonstrates how marketing itself continues to thrive in a world where consumers are now constantly challenging its relevance.

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Should Telemarketing Be Traced Back To You?

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Generally, the answer is yes. There are many cases when a telemarketing call is called to be traced. This ranges from your typical reasons of police investigation to less well known purposes like lead generation. In all cases though, they all have the obvious need for knowing where your calls go to and from where you get them.

Your B2B Leads Are Identified This Way

B2B telemarketers are supposed to provide their clients with accurate information on possible sales opportunities. On the other hand, if there is no control on the amount of opportunities going through the funnel, salespeople risk either having too much work or no work at all. Either way, there is not a lot of money being made and businesses might need more than a stable flow if they want to earn more for growth and expansion.

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It does not help if you cannot get as much as a physical location of a prospect. Now before you start reeling back with the fear of invading your customer’s privacy know this: How can your business serve another that it does not know? On a B2C level, do customers stand in front of a cashier expecting their order without actually saying it? Obviously not. You say what you want to buy.

It is the same with B2B leads except you will need more details. If you are making an outbound call and a prospect responds with interest, you still need to know who that prospect is, what do they need, when do they need it, and when can they organize a meeting with your sales representative. If you are receiving an inbound call, you will need the same details. If you have an outsourced telemarketing firm as your middle-man, you need information on their own company as well in order to make sure they deliver as promised.

If It Cannot Be Traced Then Something Is Wrong

Despite the efforts of federal agencies, telemarketing scams still exist and you need to ensure that you are not being misrepresented by such scammers. Unfortunately, even companies like American Express have suffered backlash because they employed such practices (as reported by CNN Money):

Among the violations, government officials said telemarketers misled customers into believing they’d receive $300 when they signed up for the “Blue Sky” credit card program from American Express Centurion Bank. Customers never received the money.”

Do not make the same mistake whether it comes to your in-house call center agents or that of an outsourced telemarketer. Ironically, this is done by monitoring and tracing the calls being made to find proof that none of your legitimate calls match those of conmen.

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Of course, you get to draw the line as well when it comes to how far the tracing needs to go. You have just as much right to your privacy and protection against wild witch hunts after all. That is why you have to maintain a complete overview as well as complete responsibility over where you get your calls, where they are made, and to whom. Always keep a close eye whether it is for B2B appointment setting or a business investigation!


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